a note from our shipping team

a note from our shipping team

We are grateful for yarn. We are grateful for needle arts. We are grateful for our community of makers. We respect the calming nature making by hand gives us. We are beyond grateful for your continued support of Quince amid what can feel uncertain. Thank you for putting your trust in us. We hope to continue to be a reliable balm among chaos.

Post delays, re-routes, and “undeliverable” addresses have risen as our postal services cope with the burden of increased online shopping and a decreased workforce in the shipping sector. Large postal distribution hubs have been partially or fully closed with post being rerouted to more remote locations for sorting. Some international shipments are being sent by sea instead of air due to limited and cancelled flight schedules.

A new shipping matrix is being sewn together by folks working long hours in unexpected ways. Quince is determined to keep the computers humming and our brown paper packages winging to destinations across the globe. Albeit a little behind schedule, much of this precious cargo is reaching its final destination intact. However, we are getting reports of a number of parcels that are being delayed, sometimes by a month or more. We know this can be frustrating; we’re frustrated, too. But we’re hanging in there. And you should, too.

Our very small fulfillment and customer service department (only three people!) are navigating and monitoring the global shipping disruptions and working to mitigate disappointment or loss. Your expectations are high, and rightly so, but we find we have to author a new set of expectations in the current shipping and transportation climate. Please take the time to review our shipping policies and tips here.

And most of all, remember that our craft, with its deliberate and mindful fabrication, has honed our skills at patience. We’ll get through this together. We’ll make it better together. Thank you for your understanding—we are right here with you, and we're so glad you're here.


Adi and the Quince team

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