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It’s that Back to School time of the year again, and fall is coming...never mind that the whiplash-inducing weather and temps—here in Maine, at least—have us wondering if summer will ever let go.

Even if the heat is taking a casual approach to its departure, it always pays to prep ahead of time for little things. Those chilly fall days will be here before we know it. What better small project to whip up for keeping warm while waiting for the bus or first bell than a hat, a pair of mitts, a scarf or cowl? 

We chose some of the gorgeous knits from the Quince archives that we think fit the bill—smallish projects that are quick, universally appealing, and would be most welcome by the time frost-covered school mornings arrive:

Desafinado hat and mitts, designed by Véronik Avery, in Piper, colors Laredo, Coldspring, Sweetwater, and Lone Oak

Skadi cowl designed by Allegra Wermuth, in Puffin, color Iceland (from Scarves, Etc. 2012)

Hadfield hat by Pam Allen, in Phoebe, color Mars

Morganeve's Mitts by Jerusha Robinson, in Finch, color Sedum

Stripes: A Little Collection by Pam Allen, in Lark: Women’s hat, cowl and mitts in colors Honey, Frank’s Plum, and Gingerbread; Men’s hat, scarf and mitts in Pea Coat, Bark, and Iceland

Margaux mitts in crochet! Designed by Rebecca Velasquez, in Chickadee, color Bird's Egg

Tremont cap by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, in Lark, color Twig

Cobbleway scarf by Angela Tong in Lark, color Damson (from Scarves, Etc. 5)

City hat by Mari Lynn Patrick in Osprey, color Storm (from the Comfort Hats bundle)

These are just a smattering of fun and stylish projects that are available in the Quince pattern library! Make sure to check out our accessories lineup and get prepared for the school year ahead:

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