string together

string together

Susan B. Anderson, creator of knitted toys Ben & Buddy and Mary, Millie, & Morgan (not to mention the gorgeous Drawing Nigh shawl and Ebb cowl) brings us a bounty of new knitted friends: Introducing String Along Toys!

This collection features three convivial critters knitted in worsted-weight Lark...

We have fabulous froggies:

string together

froggie colors, left to right: Lark in Leek, Parsley with Leek stripes, and Snap Pea

And marvelous little mice:

string together

mice colors, left to right: Lark in Dogwood, Egret with Kumlien's Gull and Dogwood stripes, and Egret

And, last but not least, magnificent monkeys:

string together

monkey colors left to right: Lark in Bark and Chanterelle with Egret and Nasturtium stripes, Bark, and with Bird's Egg and Egret stripes  

These critters have us grinning ear to ear! Each one can be knitted with regular hands and feet, or with loops meant for stringing together.

string together

We hope these find their way into your hearts as they did ours—these lighthearted creatures are sure to become a favorite toy for any little loved one.

String Along Toys is now available as a print preorder + PDF (the PDF is available immediately), or as a PDF only. Order your print copy now and we'll ship to you as soon as they arrive! Shipping is expected to begin Tuesday, September 6.

View the String Along Toys collection page

View Lark's full color palette

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