core wool 2019: osprey week wrap up

core wool 2019: osprey week wrap up

We love Osprey…so round, squishy, and quick to knit up. Such amazing stitch definition. So soft. We're moving on from our Osprey spotlight, but wanted to, once again, sing its praises, after the release of our ultra-comfy Burl and Gail designs. A few more allover texture pieces to fawn over in this Aran weight beauty below!

While we're at it, thought I might just talk about some other allover textured things that make me want to run for my needles, and! This wool month celebration, we were really excited to make some new pieces that are more masculine and gender-neutral. We've so enjoyed working on Quinton and Burl that I wanted to highlight a few of our other unisex and masculine designs. Enjoy!

allover texture in osprey

Kristen TenDyke gave us her Tundra pullover, shown here in Osprey Kumlien's Gull, which we published at the very beginning of 2012. She quickly followed it up with a pair of mitts and a cardigan using the same basketweave and star motifs that work so nicely together.

We published Michele Wang's Wickerwork pullover in mid-March 2012, worked up in lovely Osprey Honey. The cable motif on front and back is almost honeycomb-like, it's so satisfying to look at and wonderful to knit.

Dolan, designed by Leah B. Thibault, is a study in knit-purl combinations: moss, double seed, reverse broken rib, welts horizontal and diagonal, all represented in this pretty beret. We published this piece in November 2011. Shown in Osprey Leek.

core wool 2019: osprey week wrap up

left to right: Tundra by Kristen TenDyke, Wickerwork by Michele Wang, Dolan by Leah B. Thibault 

in our other yarns

We have the original sample of Pam Allen's Park Street cardigan (published in late 2010) in our Portland office, and it sits perpetually on my chair year round (yes, really). Its ease and drape in our chunky Puffin (shown here in Storm) really kind of goes with everything I wear, and the allover reverse broken rib makes a wonderful fabric.

Sometimes…we just can't include all of the pieces we want to into a collection, so we offer to publish a pattern by itself at another time. This is how we came to Liz Tubman's Harvest cowl, which we launched at the end of 2017—she'd submitted this idea for our Scarves, etc 6 collection. Knitted up in Lark and shown in Honey, this became our featured design for a last-minute, ultra-satisfying gift knit for the holidays. The allover geometric triangle motif is so appealing.

Bristol Ivy's Watershed pullover in Piper Lone Oak was published in February 2017 as part of our Piper collection for that year. The subtle cable motif in its roomy body is just gorgeous, and is balanced nicely with slender sleeves.

core wool 2019: osprey week wrap up

left to right: Park Street by Pam Allen, Harvest by Liz Tubman, Watershed by Bristol Ivy

designs for all bods

Theo was part of Pam's Home: 18 Knittable Projects to keep you Comfy, which we published nearly five years ago, in December 2014. Who doesn't need a little rib-warmer for winter? This piece is knitted up in Owl Tweet Sooty. This v-neck version has a scoop-necked counterpart (Thea).

Boun's hat was designed by Ann Budd, which we published in January 2011. An elegant smocked diamond motif lays on top of a reverse stockinette stitch canvas. Knitted up in Osprey and shown here in Bark, this snug beanie might be a good contender for winter, yes?

The Boatyard pullover (shown in Lark Chanterelle) was published as part of Hannah Fettig's most recent Quince book, Texture: Exploring Stitch Patterns in Knitwear, in January of 2017. The allover moss stitch, simple raglan shaping, and classic fit are perfect for those who want an understated, but stylish, sweater.

core wool 2019: osprey week wrap up

left to right: Theo by Pam Allen, Boun's hat by Ann Budd, Boatyard by Hannah Fettig

Next up, a spotlight on our chunky, ever-so-slightly felted, single-ply Puffin, and a wrap up of our Core Wool celebration. Sign up to get our email updates and you'll know when we've posted new patterns and other goodies!


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