wrapping up core wool 2019: puffin

Puffin is a plump, slightly fuzzy critter that makes a wonderful fabric. This past week we offered up some adorable accessories for adults and little ones: Dawn Catanzaro's Dot mittens and Dot hat. The dots of color that pop out when combined with a relaxed seed stitch motif give these pieces a thrummed look.

Well we've hit the final week of our Core Wool celebration for this year! Hope you've enjoyed it. Wool is soft, warm, lovely to work with, lovely to wear. Wanted to just follow up this past week with a few other beloved Puffin accessories, some bigger pieces from the archives that are so tempting to cast on….and some suggestions for trying out our new gorgeous colors in our chunky, single-ply bird: Army-green Hunter, warm black Rook, and creamy Parchment.

more fun puffin accessories

Gudrun Johnston's Knit With Me, published at the tail end of 2012, is chock full of Puffin beauties, as you'll see in this post. Here is Rubens in Puffin Carrie's Yellow—it can be knitted up into a slouchy version, as shown, or as a more close-fitting version with pom pom. Featuring a pretty slipped stitch mesh motif, this is a quickly whipped-up thing for wearing in the falling temps.

Arcuate was Danielle Chalson's contribution to our Scarves, etc collection for 2013, published early that March. Shown in lovely Puffin Frank's Plum, this ample cowl hugs the shoulders so perfectly, and can also be wrapped around the neck twice for those increasingly common sub-zero winter days.

Ann Budd offered up Five Easy Pieces—all cozy accessories with instructions for all 5 of our Core Wools—for us to publish just before the beginning of fall in 2013. The Chevron Cable mittens shown here in Puffin Bird's Egg are the perfect armor for chilly hands.

left to right: Rubens by Gudrun Johnston, Arcuate by Danielle Chalston, Chevron Cable mittens by Ann Budd

all puffin all the time

For her Cascades collection, published in early 2018, Whitney Hayward designed Rainier, a cozy, clean-lined pullover with a deep 1x1 broken rib band at the hem, cuffs, and funnel neck. The ample ease and modified drop shoulders make for easy wearing. Shown here in Puffin Slate.

Imagine a Puffin blanket growing in your lap when it's not quite cold enough to turn the heat on! Carrie Bostick Hoge's Field blanket, published at the very beginning of 2011, features columns of mirrored mega cables and a brief ribbed border. Shown in Split Pea, this would be a great candidate for any of our many, many colors. Think of this in bright Poppy, or in heathery Caspian.

More from Knit With Me, Gudrun included Porter, a pretty scarf done in mistake rib, shown here in Crocus. An ample fringe polishes the piece.

left to right: Rainier by Whitney Hayward, Field by Carrie Bostick Hoge, Porter by Gudrun Johnston

new feathers for old friends

Hunter would be my choice for the Big Texture Cowl from Texture, published in early 2017 and designed by Hannah Fettig. Shown in its original, icy Glacier, featuring an allover moss stitch and ribbing at bottom and top, an army green would be another gorgeous choice for this piece.

And lastly in the Puffin accessory department from Knit With Me, Honey Crisp uses the same slipped stitch mesh pattern as in the Rubens hat above, just in cowl form. Shown in Clay, the mesh is really pleasing to look at and can bring some nice warmth when wrapped twice around the neck. This would be so gorgeous in our new Parchment shade.

Montague was published in early fall 2014 as part of Wool 5, designed by Melissa LaBarre. A wide, flattering neckline, kangaroo pocket, and tunic length are super appealing. Pretty raglan shaping and handy bracelet-length sleeves complete the picture of style and utility in this piece. Seeing this as a great candidate for Rook as an alternative to original Kumlien's Gull!

left to right, above: Big Texture Cowl by Hannah Fettig, Honey Crisp by Gudrun Johnston, Montague by Melissa LaBarre

left to right, below: Hunter, Parchment, and Rook in Puffin

Can't get enough of these new colors? Neither can we! We can't wait for them to be available in Lark, Chickadee, and Osprey. We expect Lark and Chickadee to be sailing through our doors in just a month or two, with Osprey following up after the new year, and we'll definitely be making an announcement when they're ready to be snatched up. In the meantime, make sure you're getting our email updates!

Well…that does it for what we around in Quince land call "wool month"—we have so enjoyed bringing you sweet new designs from all of our most cherished birds: Textured cardigans Norma and Billie (and Lark version Georgie) in little Finch; classic fisherman's rib raglans Quinn and Quinton in pretty Chickadee Organic Heathers; cool vintage colorwork pullovers Hazel and Hedy in sturdy Lark; cozy, allover textured raglans Burl and Gail in squishy Osprey; and warm Dot hat and mittens in chunky Puffin. We welcome the season with open arms and needles at the ready, and we're grateful that you've joined us in doing so. 

With love, from your Quince crew.

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