#cuppaquince 4

Happy Sunday, all: It's been a while since our last #cuppaquince feature! Check out these perfect pairings of fiber + coffee/tea that have been shared on Instagram:

#cuppaquince 4

Seeing tranquil images like these makes us feel calm and focused, what about you? They were shared by the following folks (from left to right, top to bottom):

  1. @leilaknitsme
  2. @thesejoys
  3. @amyjometzendorf
  4. @jenndomingue
  5. @jojomamaof3
  6. @jojomamaof3 
  7. @kat_kahulani
  8. @jacksoki
  9. @threadandladle

Want to share your favorite crafting+cuppa and be featured on Instagram or the Quince blog? Use hashtag #cuppaquince and be sure to follow us on Instagram. We're always checking out what folks have been tagging with #quinceandco and our yarn and pattern tags (#quincekestrel, #quincesparrow, to name but a few recent ones). We love to regram beautiful photos, so show us what you're making!

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