shawl week 2016

It's Shawl Week at Quince & Co! Beginning today through Friday, June 24th, we'll have a new shawl pattern to reveal each day this week. We are so excited for these pieces and hope you love them as much as we do!

Kicking off Shawl Week is Soulbound, designed by Melanie Berg. Soulbound is our first shawl in Cleaner Cotton™ Willet, and we couldn't be happier with how amazing our cotton DK bird is for shawl projects: Smooth, cool to the touch, with a light but weighty drape that is unlike any other type of fiber.

DK weight makes quick work of a lace and garter stitch project like this, too. We imagine it will be suitable for all seasons, including summer—the perfect beach coverup or wrap for those breezier days in the sun when just that little bit of extra layer is appreciated. Soulbound has all the little details that make for a really enjoyable project that's almost bittersweet to finish, the process of knitting it is so rewarding.


You might notice one slight hiccup when shopping for Willet today: We are currently out of the photographed color, Windlass. Such is the story of a small American yarn company. At the outset of production on a collection like this—many, many months in advance—yarn colors are chosen with the collection's story in mind, which in turn guides the styling and overall feel that we want to convey in our imagery.

It takes some effort to select our final color choices, particularly if multiple yarn lines are featured, as is the case for Shawl Week. We zeroed in on Windlass for Melanie's Soulbound, confident we had PLENTY in house to tide us over to and beyond the future launch date. Yet as that date edged closer, we kept a nervous eye on the supply and checked (and checked) with our suppliers on the arrival of the next Willet delivery. We thought about alternatives.

We considered digitally substituting an in-stock color, which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

We loved the substitute Willet color shown above, Mast, but in the end we weren't overjoyed with the switch's effect on the overall collection, given how much thought and care went into the original color story. So here we are today, with a beautiful new pattern for Willet, shown in its original color.

We have many other color options in Willet that will make your heart sing. If, however, your heart is set on replicating the exact project shown in the photos, our website has a nifty notification feature that we encourage you to take advantage of—click on the color dot of your choice, and if it's out of stock, a link will appear that, when clicked, brings up a pop-up window to enter your name and email address.

Fear not—Windlass will be back before you know it! And using this feature, you'll be among the first to know.

Shawl Week, All Week

Like Soulbound, all designs in Shawl Week may be purchased as single patterns or as a bundled set at any time—the choice is yours. If you purchase the bundle you'll receive each new pattern on the day it's released.

Stay tuned for our next reveal, coming your way tomorrow! Sign up for our e-letter to receive our announcements as each pattern goes live. 

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