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June 24, 2016

Shawl Week comes to an end today, and our final reveal is a beautiful garter-stitch triangular shawl from Katrine Birkenwasser: Introducing Shimmering Sea!

Worked in three shades of Piper, with two strands held together to create a shifting marled color effect—shown here in Longhorn, Guadalupe, and Coldspring to echo the feel of the ocean's waves. We love the inspiration behind this one! 

A few more images to show off the subtlety of short rows in Shimmering Sea:

And with this beauty we conclude Shawl Week. We hope you've enjoyed our new designs for Shawls 2016! Each one of them so perfectly showcases the distinctive qualities of our yarns—in this set, Willet, Finch, Piper, and Tern—that we especially love: Their color palettes, stitch definition, the finished fabric they create, and their intrinsic fiber characteristics, to name just a few.

We're grateful to work with such talented designers, from near and far, to dream up beautiful things in our yarns, too. Many thanks to everyone who played a part in producing this newest collection.

Have a great weekend, all!

Shawl Week, left to right: Soulbound, Lex, Serena, Paper Bird, Shimmering Sea

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