celebrating earth day

celebrating earth day

For many of us at Quince, Maine's natural beauty is a big part of why we make our homes here. This past year, our easy access to wild places has been more than a geographical perkit's been a lifeline. As we each tried to do our part to keep our families and our neighbors safe by staying home, the outdoors became a refuge, an escape from the far-too-familiar walls of our homes. In a year dominated by Zoom hangouts, a walk in the woods offered the precious chance to catch up with a friend from a safe distance.

To share our gratitude for the natural wonders right here in our own backyards, this year Quince & Co. is donating 10% of our Earth Day sales to the Maine Audubon. We are proud to support Maine Audubon's work to conserve wildlife and wildlife habitats, to offer environmental education to our Maine communities, and to advocate for policy and legislation that protects wildlife and supports a sustainable future for Maine.

We encourage you to read more about the important work Maine Audubon is doing on their website, and to support conservation efforts in your own community. From all of us at Quince & Co., we wish you a very happy Earth Day!

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