remembering paula emons-fuessle

remembering paula emons-fuessle
We were saddened to learn of the passing of Paula Emons-Fuessle, a long-time friend of Quince & Co., late last month.

Paula was a talented knitwear designer and podcaster, and brought innumerable knitters together here in Maine through her popular Knitting Pipeline retreats. We will miss her voice, her warmth, and her passion for fiber and needle arts.

remembering paula emons-fuessleAt left, Paula Emons-Fuessle pictured at a Knitting Pipeline retreat in 2015; at right, Piper's Journey, one of Paula's designs.

Paula designed seven beautiful shawls for Quince over the years, including the stunning Lullaby Rain (shown above) and Piper's Journey (above, right). In honor of Paula's incredible fundraising work in support of ovarian cancer research, Quince & Co. will be donating proceeds from our sales of her patterns to Dr. Katherine Fuh's Ovarian Cancer Research Lab at Washington University; if you would like to make your own donation in memory of Paula, you will find instructions for how to do so here.


I am a long time listener who has been trying to find out how she is when I came across this remembrance. She was a real light in my life and I miss her voice.
Carole Huxel January 07, 2022

I was saddened to hear of Paula’s passing. I listened to Paula’s podcast way down under in Australia. I learnt so much from her. She was such a warm and generous soul. My condolences to her family.

Jo Nobelius June 22, 2021

Paula’s podcast was a favorite of mine, especially after work on the drive home. My Piper’s Journey shawl is a long time favorite. I miss Paula. She was an amazing person!

Beverly Kilpatrick June 16, 2021

Paula opened up the world of knitting to me through her Knitting Pipeline retreats in Maine. She was such a gentle soul who brought together so many talented women. I’ll forever be grateful to her for enriching my life in so many ways. And I too am one of the many who were introduced to Quince & Co. yarn by Paula. Her spirit will live on as we continue to hold our knitting close.

Beverly Szen April 28, 2021

I always enjoyed Paula’s podcast, her views on knitting and nature. Regarding ovarian cancer: my late father was a nephrologist, and I’m a family physician, and I remember him telling me that when someone figures out a means of early detection for ovarian cancer, which is often undetectable until it’s far too late, he or she will deserve a Nobel Prize. Amen to that. I have a 46-year-old patient on hospice for ovarian cancer right now, who has been fighting it since before I became her doctor— it’s a terrible disease.

gm April 18, 2021

Thank you for sharing this with your customers. I met Paula in 2011 when she was just beginning her podcast. A few years later I was able to attend the Maine retreat and went back every year until last fall, of course. I echo all of the “KP Mainers” who owe Paula a debt of gratitude for bringing us together. Thank you for this kind donation to ovarian cancer research, as well. Because of Paula, we are all “holding our knitting close”.

Carol Handshue April 16, 2021

Thank you for this tribute to Paula. I would not know about Quince yarn or the beauty of tMaine or many lifetime friendships without Paula. Her life counted in a way that is rare and challenges all of us to continue her legacy.

Faith Martin April 16, 2021

Paula was reading the newspaper and broke into tears. I asked what was wrong? She had read a newspaper account of which cancers had “underfunded” research. Ovarian cancer was one of them. That initiated Paula’s desire to support. We met Dr. Fuh through Paula’s oncologist.

Bob Fuessle April 15, 2021

Paula brought together 50 women each year to her Maine retreat. Paula was a dynamite woman who loved coming back to Maine each year to see new retreaters and the ones like me that came back year after year. She shared her talent freely with us. Paula may your memory never fade.

Jane Barter April 15, 2021

Thank you for posting this remembrance of Paula. She was a wonderful lady, beloved by so many. We will always miss her.

Brenda Hayden April 14, 2021

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