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We here at Quince are so smitten with our latest pattern release, Caim, designed by Sierra Morningstar. We can’t resist a cozy shawl-collar cardigan at this time of year, and Caim’s graphic mosaic colorwork makes this one especially stunning.

Caim is designed in Lark, our worsted-weight 100% American wool yarn, and Sierra knit the original sample in Audouin and Honey - two of our absolute favorite colors! They’re also two of *your* favorite colors, and a result, they have a pesky tendency to sell out rather frequently. We know you won’t want to wait to get a Caim cardigan of your own on the needles, so today we’re sharing two alternate color combinations (using Lark colors that are in-stock, as of this writing!) that we think would be perfect for Caim.

Up first is Sabine (MC) and Iceland (CC), shown in the foreground swatch above. Caim is designed to be a gender-neutral garment, and the pattern includes instructions for placing the buttonholes on either the left or right front as you prefer. We think the classic pairing of our heathered black and gray will suit any wearer; if you love these colors together but have fallen for the light-to-dark relationship of the original sample’s colors, simply use Iceland as your MC and Sabine as your CC.

If your wardrobe is in want of a more colorful cardi, try our second alternate color combination - Sage (MC) and Petal (CC), shown in the foreground swatch below.

True to its herbal namesake, Sage is a soft, dusty green with blue undertones, while Petal is a just-barely-blush warm pink that reads as a warm cream when paired with stronger colors. Together, we think this pairing is the perfect hint of springtime color to come.

With over sixty shades of Lark to choose from, the potential pairings are seemingly endless. We can't wait to see what beautiful color combinations you'll come up with for your own Caim.

From all of us at Quince & Co. — stay warm, and happy knitting!


Hi Celeste – we love those buttons too! Sierra chose them herself, but I believe they are from Katrinkles Knitting Jewelry.

Quince & Co. February 08, 2021

I love the buttons chosen for this cardigan. Can you share the source for those as well?

Celeste February 08, 2021

Hi Linda! Our patterns always list sizes as “Finished measurements”, which means that those numbers correspond to the actual, finished size of the garment (not the body of the wearer). That means that to choose what size you’d like to knit, you should add the desired amount of ease to your actual chest measurement, then choose the finished measurement closest to that ‘target’ dimension.

As an example, if you wanted to knit Caim with 7" of positive ease (as it’s shown here on our model), you would choose the size whose finished measurement is 7" larger than your actual chest measurement – in this case, that would be the size closest to 51" (or 44" + 7"). Caim includes a finished size 52", which is pretty close and would give you 8" of positive ease; if you wanted it a bit closer fitting, you could go down one size to the 48 1/2" finished measurement, which would give you 4 1/2" of positive ease.

The other thing to keep in mind when choosing a size is the overall silhouette and length of the garment. Because Caim is a longer cardigan, you would want to consider how much ease you’d like to have at the hips as well as at the chest.

Quince & Co. February 04, 2021

When the pattern calls for positive ease does the pattern include that in the sizes? If my chest measurement is 44" do I order the yarn for the 48" or 50" size? I’m never sure how to figure that out. Thank you! Linda

Linda February 04, 2021

Thanks for asking, Laura! The body for Caim is knit flat from the bottom up (no steeks in this one!) and then divided at the underarms and knit separately to the shoulders. Stitches for the sleeves are picked up from the armhole and worked in the round to the cuff. The button band is picked up from the front edges in finishing, and the shawl collar is shaped with short rows.

Quince & Co. February 04, 2021

Love this classic, fun unisex design – I’m tempted to put it on the needles today!!! (but need to empty them first)
I looked, but didn’t see more construction detail…could you give us a bit more info….bottom up or top down? flat or steeked at the front? etc. thank you

Laura February 04, 2021

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