last-minute gift ideas

last-minute gift ideas

Recently, we put together a guide of last-minute knitting projects for gift giving…knitters giving to their loved ones…now, we are offering up help to those who have a knitter (or a potential knitter) in their lives. In this gift guide, we cover tools, kits, and more. We hope this helps! Of course…if you're a knitter and your loved ones are asking you for ideas…send them here!

topping off essential supply

A knitter can never have enough stitch markers! Especially if there are multiple projects on the needles at all times. Twig & Horn's Stitch Mark Combo Pack includes small ring markers, large ring markers, and removable markers, providing coverage for projects using up to a size US 10 / 6 mm needle. 

If you're like us here at Quince…you knit so much that the needle size stamps have long worn off the needles (wood and metal!), and if they get jumbled up…you're reaching for a needle gauge on a regular basis. Twig & Horn's Small Gauge Ruler is perfect for throwing into the bag before heading out for knit night (or to the airport, because you panicked about not bringing enough knitting for travel, and all the needles came with).

There's nothing like a freshly washed and blocked sweater that doesn't feel dried out. Twig & Horn's Wool Soap is a wonderful treat for knitted things: A cocktail of highest-grade lanolin, organic olive, hempseed, avocado, and jojoba oils, plus yummy scents if you wish (there's unscented too!).

last-minute gift ideas

left to right: Twig & Horn Stitch Mark Combo Pack, Twig & Horn Small Gauge Ruler, Twig & Horn Wool Soap 

sharing the joy of making

Back in the spring of 2016, we published a primer on the very basics of knitting, called Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf. We quickly followed it up with a kit: Book, needles, yarn, and tapestry needle for new knitters to be able to dive in with a first scarf of their own creation. If you think knitting is in the future of someone you know and love…here's a great place to start.

In the fall of 2015, Kristine Vejar published her book The Modern Natural Dyer, and of course we wanted to carry that book and share her expertise with our audience. The book inspired two kits, one being the Northwoods Hat Kit (book and kit sold separately), using our chunky Puffin; and the Bare Yarn / Book Bundle, for folks who want to buy book and yarn together, and make their own dyes. If your beloved knitter wants to try dyeing…look no further.

If you love fiber and want to share it just by showing off your love on your bag or jacket, K2tog club enamel pins are the way to go: Plump, fluffy sheep, botanicals, and more…all ready to give you a chance to explain to random strangers what your heart-shaped "wool" pin is all about.

last-minute gift ideas

left to right: Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf Kit, The Modern Natural Dyer and Northwoods Hat Kit, K2tog club enamel pins

knitting on the go

Twig & Horn's Cross-body Canvas Project Totes are essential for getting a WIP out the door with you in any sort of organized manner, with many pockets for notions, needles, and yes…it fits multiple projects. As we'd say here at Quince, that is "dangerous information".

To throw into your spacious Cross-Body Canvas Project Tote, Twig & Horn designed an All-Purpose Carrying Case, for DPNs, writing utensils, tapestry or cable needles, scissors, circular needles…and any other small tools that need toting even if you do other things than knit: A capo, a small journal, little paint brushes…

Twig & Horn's Medium Notions Zipper Pouches are perfect for swatching in transit, storing dpns, small projects, keeping track of a bunch of notions in one place. They are so handy, and they fit also nicely inside your roomy tote.

last-minute gift ideas

left to right: Twig & Horn Cross-Body Canvas Project Tote, Twig & Horn All-Purpose Carrying Case, Twig & Horn Medium Notions Zipper Pouch

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