making resolutions

making resolutions

Pictured left to right: Scrumptious skeins of the yarns featured in our upcoming collection—Lark in Iceland, Osprey in Slate, Owl in Cerulean, and Phoebe in Cygnus.

Another January greets us, and we’re so excited by all the possibilities (and projects!) awaiting us in the new year. This week, we wanted to share some of the many lovely ”resolutions” our team has for all things making and fiber-crafting in 2022. From trying out a new craft, to making a healthy dent in our yarn stash, to checking a knitting “first” off our list—it’s safe to say, we have our work cut out for us!

Scroll down for all the yarn-y goodness (and for a sneak peek of our upcoming collection)...

“I knit so much for other people! In 2022, my resolution is to knit and sew more for myself. I am also terrible at taking notes while I knit so I am hoping to document my new 'me made wardrobe' in a way that feels natural and fun!” —Emma Clayton, Office Coordinator

“2022 is going to be a yarn stash-busting year! I would love to make some amazing new knits with the yarn I already have. But let's not get too crazy! I'll still purchase yarn to compliment yarns I own if that's what a project calls for. Just trying to keep the yarn stash monster at bay.” —Tara Anderson, Wholesale Manager

“In 2022, I’d like to make my first pair of socks!” —Michelle Kohanzo, CEO

“I have yet to finish a sweater for myself, so my goal is to complete one of the two WIPs I have in that category. I adore knitting socks and have always aspired to the "Year of Socks" resolution of completing one pair every month. This could potentially be too aggressive for me, but I am trying to at least be more strategic about it and have multiple patterns and yarns set aside and ready to go to make it more tempting. Like others on the team, I also give away the majority of what I knit and I would like 2022 to be the year that I curate a handmade wardrobe for myself filled with things I absolutely love wearing.” —Nichole Heady, Twig & Horn Brand Manager

“I have to get myself re-acquainted with my needles and hook. Can't wait to start!” —Donna Patrick, Customer Service

making resolutions

Above: Our little Owl, a blend of American wool and alpaca, takes flight in a stunning piece, launching soon in an upcoming collection. 

“I have a large WIP on the needles (read: cursed boyfriend sweater) that I started over a year ago. I just recently picked it up again and am sailing around sleeve island. Once I have finished navigating that, I'm excited to knit my first project in Puffin: the Klem sweater by Jill Thompson Beach. I can't wait! But overall, I'd like 2022 to be a nice mix of planned projects with an equal amount of spontaneous cast-ons to keep things interesting and to keep growing as a knitter.” —Susan Takano, Marketing Coordinator

“As a seamstress-turned-beginning knitter, I'm looking forward to making my first color blocked scarf!” —Jenni Arnold, Director of Operations

“My crafting books and tools all have spots in my home, more or less, so now it's time for the true organizational challenge: yarn and sweaters! Finding some sort of modular storage solution to contain and protect so many different, tumbling skein shapes, works in progress, and sweaters that love to unfold themselves will be a crowning achievement for 2022. And, yes, I've tried clear plastic storage bins. But I'd love something that's more aesthetically pleasing and a piece of furniture in its own right.” —Kirsten Hipsky, Development Coordinator

“My big yarn goal for 2022 is to advance my crochet skills beyond the granny square. I plan to start with Tunisian crochet and see where it takes me. There are so many beautiful crochet patterns that I can’t wait to try.” —Angela Dexter, Knitting Management / Pattern Development Team 

“As someone who's just stepping into the world of fibrecrafts, I'm eager to find one (or two!) that resonates with me. First up: punch needling!” —Regan Kenny, Art Director

“In 2022, I’d like to 1) Make a traditional gansey the old way from Beth Brown Rensel's book, gussets and all; 2) Make a pair of gloves with a palm gusset; 3) Make something(s) from Elizabeth Zimmerman.” —Pam Allen, Founder

making resolutions

Above: Our gorgeously variegated Phoebe takes center stage in an upcoming design.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found a little inspiration for creating your own making resolutions in 2022. Let us know in the comments below!

From all of us at Quince, Happy New Year!


I enjoyed reading everyone’s hopes and plans Especially loved Pam’s goals. With the universe of projects available today, it is good to see a fellow knitter visiting (or revisiting) our finest knitting traditions. Beth’s Gansey book is the best technical treatment of the subject I have ever seen and any EZ pattern is a creative joy. Happy knitting to you as you step back to savor the gold mines left to us by our knitting Godmothers. If you get a chance, take a Gansey or glove class with Beth. I have been knitting for 72 years and look back on my classes with Beth as some of the high spots. Peace, Joy and much yarn to you. p.s. currently knitting two sweaters from Home and Away. Quince & Co makes me very happy

Sally Wickes January 21, 2022

Happy New Year!
I wish there was an easy way to move from photos and description of your lovely yarns
to the coordinating beautiful patterns. I do a lot of that on Ravelry. I finished a Heath
sweater that had been hibernating – I modified the hemline. It’s just gorgeous!
Thank you so much❤️

Gail Mullen January 21, 2022

I want to try tubular cast-on and new techniques but I always fall back to ones I know. Any tips?

Diane August 31, 2023

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