martin luther king jr. day

Today, in celebration of Martin Luther King Day, 10% of all sales at will go to The King Center.  Established in 1968 by Mrs. Coretta Scott King, The King Center is “no dead monument, but a living memorial filled with all the vitality that was his, a center of human endeavor, committed to the causes for which he lived and died.”

Martin Luther King fought for the soul of America with incomparable conviction and courage. As an activist and leader of racial justice during the civil rights mvoement of the 1960s, King helped bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice—to paraphrase his immortal words—as much as anyone in history.

We hope you'll join us in reflecting on his life and legacy today, drawing inspiration from the sacrifices and accomplishments he and those that fought with him made. And let's not forget that his work is not complete; it is incumbent upon all of us to hold his lessons dear, and continue to bend the arc in the right direction however we can.

We support The King Center and their dedication to keeping Dr. King’s legacy relevant in today’s world, serving as a resource center and community institution, and we hope you'll consider joining us in celebrating today and the life of an extraordinary human being.

With love from all of us at Quince—thank you.

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