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Still have folks on your list for this holiday giving season? We've put together a thoughtful guide of goods we carry for fiber lovers everywhere. Useful tools, gorgeous home goods, and fun pins—many from our sister company, Twig & Horn—are perfect for gifting.

A holiday note: Our team is working diligently to pack and ship orders ahead of the holidays. Please be aware that orders will be processed within two business days. Once in the hands of the carrier, you'll receive a tracking number for your shipment. Read more about USPS's holiday shipping estimates here. 


Fiber life

Hand made by Ariela Kuh of ANK Ceramics in Lincolnville, ME, Twig & Horn ceramic needle vases come in three sweet varieties, and can hold more than just needles: Picture scissors, paint brushes, long matches, writing utensils…on and on.

Studio Herron, based in Chicago, Illinois, took some of our beloved Owl and Owl Tweet yarn and made these gorgeous woven pillows, which we are proud to carry. In a blog post in late 2015, we spoke with founder Dee Clements about her entry into textiles and her process in making these pieces.

The Twig & Horn Origami yarn basket is an easily collapsible tote for your WIPs, made in the USA from wool and recycled synthetic fibers. Designed to hold up to a sweater's quantity of yarn, it can move around the house when in use, and be neatly stored when your project is finished and on your body.

left to right: T&H ceramic needle vase (Sparrow glaze), Studio Herron woven pillows, T&H Origami yarn basket

It's the little things

Twig & Horn brings us these sweet antique brass-plated steel stitch holders in a range of sizes, to hold many stitches or just a few. Plus…I've been known to use a small stitch holder in a pinch as a makeshift cable needle AND the pointy end for unscrewing an interchangeable needle from a cord when the pin is nowhere to be found.

Speaking of cable needles, we also carry the KA grooved cable needles provided by T&H, in a 3-pack for light to bulky weight cabling. Grooved so that the stitches can hold on tight, and short so they aren't difficult to move between the back and front of the work.

Our last T&H good I wanted to mention here is the small gauge ruler, made with high-quality 100% recycled/recovered materials, made right here in Maine. Perfect for knitting on the go and packing light. Long enough to measure a 4" [10 cm] swatch, and includes a handy needle gauge.

Show your stripes

From K2TOG Club, we offer up a selection of these adorable enamel pins for your project bag, notions pouch, jean jacket, whatever you've got that can show off your fiber-loving side: 

The Yarn Ball pin comes in three colors. Super cute illustration of a yarn ball unraveling. 

The Make, Wear, Mend pin lets you show your love for and pride in all things hand made (and your ability to make them last). 

Errata is a fact of life, and it can indeed bring a tear to the eye for all involved. Might get this one as a tattoo someday. 

left to right: K2TOG Club Yarn Ball, Make/Wear/Mend, and Errata pins 

Check out all of our goods here. Wishing you the very best at the end of this year (and decade!). 


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