sharing the gift of knitting

sharing the gift of knitting

We love kits here at Quince. Here, we've pulled out our favorite kits from our goods market. Things for aspiring, new, and seasoned makers are represented. Sharing the love of fiber and of making things with our hands often means time spent with loved ones, a key ingredient in a life well lived. Many of us here at Quince have experienced the sweetness of knitting with friends and family, and of helping a new knitter learn to cast on their first stitches.

These kits include patterns or books (either print or digital) and yarn with which to make the projects, in selected colorways. We also have some Northwoods Hat kits, for those who want to try dyeing their own yarn using natural dyes!

Whether you're the one spreading the fiber love, or you're making suggestions to those who wonder what to give to a fiber enthusiast this holiday season, we hope you will find these ideas helpful.

A holiday note: Our team is working diligently to pack and ship orders ahead of the holidays. Please be aware that orders will be processed within two business days. Once in the hands of the carrier, you'll receive a tracking number for your shipment. Read more about USPS's holiday shipping estimates here. 

This season only

Available now through the end of the holiday season, To the Point project bundles include both the print and pdf version of Leila Raven's new gorgeous book, To the Point: The Knitted Triangle, plus yarn to make one of four projects in the designer's most favorite colorways. Choose Moonflower in Owl, Clary Sage in Crane (pictured below), Nettle in Sparrow, or Datura in Phoebe.

Also for this holiday season, we printed several patterns from Pam Allen's book Home: 18 Knittable projects to keep you comfy, and paired them with irresistible palettes. All these are quick and satisfying projects: Nelse slippers, Tai basket, and Bergson socks, all in Puffin; and Alexandra socks in Chickadee/Chickadee Organic Heathers (pictured below).

Home decorations are so much fun to make, and last fall we published a digital collection of garlands, ornaments, and accessories for holiday merriment. This year, you can purchase our Holiday bundle, which includes the ebook, plus yarn with which to make selected projects: choose Garlands (pictured below), Ornament and knitted candies, or Ornament, Bauble Garland, and Crown.

sharing the gift of knitting

left to right: Clary Sage by Leila Raven, Alexandra socks by Pam Allen, Holiday 2018 collection by Leila Raven, Dawn Catanzaro, and Jerusha Neely

Project kits

All of the gorgeous kits listed in below can be found on this page.

Bristol Ivy's May cardigan was published in our first Piper collection in 2016. Cushy brioche traps a lot of air, and when paired with our wispy and fuzzy merino-mohair lace weight, this sleeveless shell packs a lot of warmth for being a light layer! This kit comes with a printed pattern, and you can choose 3, 4, or 5 skeins for your desired size, in selected colors.

Foliose came to us from Ashley Hurst and was included in her Lost Coast collection, which we published in August 2015. This kit includes a print pattern and enough of our cushy Osprey (in selected colors) to knit up this cozy throw. An easily memorized stitch pattern makes this a meditative project.

The Lisse shawl also came from Bristol Ivy, which we published in May 2016. This shawl is a luxurious project indeed: Superfine merino Phoebe paired with an intricate floral brioche motif—good for adventurous knitters! This kit is available in faded demin-blue Mercury, pretty light cocoa Cygnus, and fiery Mars.

sharing the gift of knitting

left to right: May by Bristol Ivy, Foliose by Ashley Hurst, Lisse by Bristol Ivy

Try something new

We published our knitting primer, Knit: First stitch/First scarf at the end of March 2016, and soon thereafter offered it as a kit. Included in the kit is everything needed to make a first scarf: Knitting needles, a tapestry needle, a copy of the print book (with digital download), and two skeins of our squishy Aran weight Osprey. Aspiring knitters will find this kit to be a delicious intro to the craft.

In 2015, Kristine Vejar, at the helm of one of our wonderful stockists on the west coast, published her book The Modern Natural Dyer. In addition, she dyed a bunch of our chunky Puffin yarn and sent some our way, and also developed the Northwoods Hat kit, which we are pumped to have available for us you. The book and kit are sold separately so don't forget to add both to your cart!

If you've never made a stuffed toy, Susan B. Anderson's books are a great place to start, in our opinion. String Along Toys is the third book of stuffed dolls that we published with Susan back in August 2016. Kits seem basically inevitable with these sweet little projects. This kit includes Lark yarn, stuffing, the print book (plus digital version) with which to make either the Frog (pictured below), the Mouse, or the Monkey set.

sharing the gift of knitting

left to right: Puck's scarf from Knit: First stitch/First scarf by Pam Allen, Northwoods Hat kit by Kristine Vejar, Frog String Along Toy by Susan B. Anderson

Want more? Check out all of our kits and bundles here, and make sure you're receiving our email updates! We have still more gift ideas coming your way.


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