sparrow love

sparrow love

As the weather warms and we get close to wrapping up our linen celebration, we thought we'd shine a little sunny beam on our sweet fingering weight Sparrow. This yarn has been with us since almost the very beginning (if you haven't yet seen our Q&A with founder Pam Allen on Sparrow's origin story, check it out here!), and we adore its properties, the fabric it can make, its softness and drape, its wearability.

Here are some Sparrow favorites from our archives. Enjoy!

Linen stripes

Our very own Leila Raven dreamt up Dekla for our Sparrow 2019 collection, which focused on stripes and color blocks. This simple and sophisticated boxy raglan with a cool stripe motif is shown in marled Rille and Eclipse.

Michiyo designed Dubro for us, which we published in April 2015. Another shining example of a stripe-y raglan tee, this one, shown in Paprika and Birch, features a deep yoke and a-line body shaping with lots of ease at the bust for ultimate comfort, plus short rows to raise the back neck a bit.

Pam designed the Cicada pillows for us back in 2016, which we published in June of that year. Great for a little extra padding wherever needed. Pretty buttons add interest and make the pillowcase removable for washing. Shown in Pigeon and Sans.

sparrow love

 left to right: Dekla by Leila Raven, Dubro by Michiyo, Cicada by Pam Allen

Sleeveless and swingy

Forsythia was published in our Sparrow 2015 collection. Designed by Pam Allen, this simple a-line top has sweet little pockets on the front, and its minimal color blocking (shown here in Butternut and Birch, two of our very first colors beyond Sans) opens up a whole lot of possibility in playing with our palette, expanded now to 37 gorgeous colors.

Melissa LaBarre designed Raven for us, for inclusion in our Linen Noir collection of 2017. This long a-line tunic, shown in Eclipse, also has pockets (!), this time at the sides, for picking up little treasures on a long spring walk.

We published Lina, designed by Elizabeth Doherty, in early summer 2015. Shown in Pigeon, it features her characteristic top-down construction for customizing fit. Love the neckline, the garter yoke, and the side slit details at the hem; body increases all happen at the back to subtly push the fabric toward the front.

sparrow love

left to right: Forsythia by Pam Allen, Raven by Melissa LaBarre, Lina by Elizabeth Doherty

Knit imitates life

Pam's Azalea top was published in spring of 2015 as part of our Sparrow collection for that year. Another swingy, a-line top, this features ultra-thin straps and a deep hem with a gorgeous floral motif. Shown in Sans. I will say that it was fun developing some unusual stitch symbols for the charts in this pattern that we thought looked like sea creatures!

Bristol Ivy offered up Hazlewood for our Sparrow 2018 collection. Shown in Mica, this substantial and luxurious shawl uses a repeating shell pattern that increases in size from one end of the piece to the other, like a wave hitting the shore.

Part of our Sparrow Sans collection published in April 2014, Pam designed this clever little apron tank. The drop stitch lozenge motif in Harpswell reminds me of fossils or the roly-polys that were fascinating as a child.

sparrow love

left to right: Azalea by Pam Allen, Hazlewood by Bristol Ivy, Harpswell Apron by Pam Allen

If you love Sparrow, check out all of our patterns here. We have more pattern releases coming this month, so if you haven't already, sign up for our email newsletter! You'll get updates on all our happenings right in your inbox!

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