Tip Tuesday: Casting On - Backwards Loop Cast-on

This week for Tip Tuesday we will share some of our go-to cast-ons, starting with the Backwards Loop cast-on. This one is nice and simple and it's a great beginner cast-on. As an advanced knitter I like to keep this one in my pocket for when I need to cast on in the middle of a project, for example when adding a thumb to a mitten. 


 Step 1: Start by making a slip knot.

Step 2: Holding the needle in your right hand, use your left hand to put the loop of the slipknot on your needle.

 Step 3: Pull the loop tight. Use four fingers to hold the yarn in your left hand. 

 Step 4: Bring your thumb down behind the yarn and bring it forward to make a loop.

Step 5: Slip the tip of the needle up from the bottom and through the loop around your thumb.  

 Step 6: Remove your thumb and...

 Step 7: Pull it tight!

 Step 8: Repeat as many times as you need to get your intended stitch count.


And that's it! Happy knitting!

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