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We are loving our Watkins projects so far! What a fun colorwork project it is, and it's been great fun seeing everyone's color choices jumping off their needles, transformed into the cardigan's beautiful motifs.

It's such a quick knit in Puffin, we are almost ready to begin steeking our cardigan fronts. Have you seen? We've posted our steeking tutorial—included in the Watkins pattern download—as part of our Techniques blog series.

If you've never steeked before, we highly recommend you check our tutorial out. We understand the trepidation, believe us—for some of us it was our first time cutting into our knitting, and we did it with worry and what-ifs all the while. But, nothing exploded; failure did not fall as ruined bits of yarn from the sharp edges of our scissors; and what an empowering feeling greeted us on the other side.

Plus, the brilliance of steeking a little "nothing" swatch certainly helps to allay one's fears.

A taste of our Watkins projects:

clockwise from top left: Dawn knits away on her cardigan body; Victoria's lovely swatch—her first time steeking!—and gorgeous color combo; Jerusha knits on her beautiful version; Leila winds off the next ball of Audouin, ready to finish the body and start on the sleeves

We'll be steeking before we know it! And we're looking forward to sharing that part of the process with you. Until then, we'll be reading over the steeking tutorial a few more times.

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