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Spring and Summer are seasons of renewal, growth, and transformation—as evidenced by the vibrant colors that pop up in the landscape, the fresh produce we harvest from our gardens, and the days we finally allow ourselves to unplug and reconnect with our creativity.

As the seasons shift from one to the other, what’s on our needles follows suit as well. Warmer weather calls for lighter-weight yarns, flowy tops, and oh-so-airy wraps, to name a few. Our love for the outdoors translates to patterns full of vibrant colors, organic motifs, and sweet little details—and even better when they knit up quickly, so we can slip them on and promptly start our next adventure. 

This year’s collection is all of the above and more—embracing new growth, warm pops of color, classic silhouettes, and leaning right into our linen yarns’ best qualities: unmatchable drape and luxurious softness. This year’s contributing designers are Hanna Maciejewska, Maria G Knits, Frances Othen-Wales, and Denise Otter.

Let Cultivar inspire you to cast on new traditions, discover your new favorite color, or encourage you to pick up a new technique along the way —all that’s left is to choose your favorite shades of Sparrow and Kestrel, and you’re good to go!

The five patterns in Cultivar are available individually, but you can maximize savings when you purchase the entire collection—the choice is yours!