pre-release: how to knit

pre-release: how to knit

We are overjoyed to announce the pre-release of a project that has been in the works for quite a while now, and which we are proud to introduce to the world. Say hello to our new book for the next generation of knitters: Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf, written and produced as a team effort by all of us here at Quince, with illustrations by me (Leila Raabe). 

This mighty little 56-page book is a concise, carefully illustrated technical guide geared specifically towards those learning to knit for the very first time.

Learning How To Knit

A lot of us who learned to knit in the early 2000s remember well what it was like. The internet was still relatively new; uncharted territory where centralized information about our craft didn't exist. There was no Ravelry yet. No abundance of knitting videos on YouTube. Granted, there were knitblogs, and that was were where most of us found our information about the patterns, books, and various other resources for our craft that were out there (these were also the fledgling stages of the online knitting community itself). I taught myself how to knit with what was available, which meant piecing together lots of little bits of information from all over the place—some of it good, some of it perhaps vague or confusing, and all of it quite random, and usually out of order.

It's a changed landscape for the new knitter in today's world. There are many different ways to learn how to knit, which is a good thing—there are many different kinds of learners.

Knit takes a distinctly visual approach, with carefully illustrated techniques to accompany detailed instructions for each step of the process along the way.

pre-release: how to knit

a sampling of the illustrations throughout Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf

The Book

Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf starts new knitters off on the right foot with the very first step—how to open and wind off a skein to make a knit-ready ball of yarn. From there, we explain how to cast on, how to orient the yarn and make a knit stitch, complete a row, and then onward to purling, fixing mistakes, weaving in ends and finishing.

Two scarf patterns by Pam Allen are included: One in garter stitch, the other in 1x1 rib. Absolutely perfect for first-time projects. Using these as examples, the book covers a very important skill, often overlooked and left to the knitter to figure out for themselves—learning how to read knitting patterns.

pre-release: how to knit

scarf patterns included, left: Snug's Scarf in 1x1 rib; right: Puck's Scarf in garter stitch

Preorders begin today for Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf. Format options for the book are print + PDF, ebook (PDF only), and bundled as part of our new How-To Knit Kit. 

The Kit

The kit comes with:

  • a print copy of Knit: First Stitch/First Scarf
  • 2 skeins of luscious Aran-weight Osprey wool yarn in choice of 5 colors
  • a pair of straight wooden needles in size US 10 (6 mm)
  • a tapestry needle

Everything you'll need to knit your first stitch, and first scarf, is included, packaged up neatly in a pretty wood presentation box—perfect for holding keepsakes long after your scarf is off the needles.

Book and kit will begin shipping by March 31st; the Knit ebook PDF is available for download immediately, starting today. 

pre-release: how to knit

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