kestrel scrunchie reprise

Remember way back in the fall when we posted Ine Rufaidah's so-very-clever scrunchie pattern in Kestrel? We thought we'd bring it back around again for spring time and linen season—this is such a cute project that can be made with a very small amount of yarn (leftovers from your Kestrel stash!).

We now have 27 stunning colors in our Kestrel palette! I love the idea of an adorable hair tie in my new favorite, Lira, or coral Anemone, gray-green Urchin, deep steel-y Pebble… (see photo at the end of this post to view these gorgeous colors!)

Well, here is the post again (original here)! Don't forget you can also get a handy printable version.

Scrunchies! They are easy on the hair and cute as anything. A staple of gen-X youth style resurfaces from the 90s, and we love it. Because now we know we can knit them in Kestrel. Ine Rufaidah (@sajjarah) posted photos on Instagram of some that she'd made for her daughter and we asked her pretty please to tell us (and you) how to make them. 

Thanks a million, Ine!


Kestrel Scrunchie

by Ine Rufaidah

Finished measurements

12½ (20)" [32 (51) cm] wide and 2 (3)" [5 (7.5) cm] deep, before seaming


(100% organic linen; 76yd [70m]/50g)
1 skein (each skein yields 1 large scrunchie and 2 small scrunchies or 2 large scrunchies)
Shown in Senza 500, Wave 516, Tellin 517, and Hyacinth 519


One pair in size US 9 [5.5 mm]

Or size to obtain gauge


¼" [.5 cm] wide sewing elastic band 5½ (7½)" [14 (19) cm] long per scrunchie, tapestry needle, sewing needle and thread


4 sts and 5 rows = 1" [2.5 cm] in stockinette stitch.


Stockinette stitch (St st): Knit on the RS, purl on the WS.

For standard abbreviations, see this page.


Scrunchies are knitted flat and seamed into a tube, then a length of sewing elastic band is threaded through and sewn, and side edges of knitted tube are seamed together to close tube into a ring.


For a printable version of this pattern, visit the product page and add to cart.

Using the long-tail cast onCO 50 (80) sts.

First row: (RS) Knit.

Next row: Purl.

Cont in St st as est for 16 more rows.

Next row: Bind off loosely knitwise.


Weave in ends.

Fold pc so that CO and BO edges meet and RS is facing. Seam CO and BO edges together using the invisible horizontal seam.

Pull a 5½ (7½)" [14 (19) cm] long strand of elastic band through knitted tube and sew the ends of the band together.

Seam the edges of the knitted tube together using the mattress stitch.

Use tapestry needle to pull remaining ends into the knitted tube. 

Jerusha's suggested colors for Kestrel scrunchies, left to right: Anemone, Lira, Urchin, Pebble

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