making for loved ones, part 1: slow gifts

Let's face it…at some point in our craft lives, we learn that it's best to make things only for the folks we know will appreciate what we've sunk hours of knitting and crocheting (read: love) into. And for those people, we know we can up our game a little and make something really special, confident that it'll be heartily received and worn often.

Ready to think about making those extra-special pieces that will be cherished by their recipients? We've got you covered.

Here we've picked out a thoughtful crop of gorgeous projects from our pattern archives to humbly suggest making for your loved ones. These take a little more time if you've got it! Stunning colorwork, pretty lace, intricate cables, more lightweight yarns…and though many of these are small-ish projects, they're definitely not found in the quickie category!

These are sweet pieces that would make amazing gifts for those who enjoy being showered in your fiber-y love.


Withrow was published at the beginning of 2018 in Whitney Hayward's Cascades collection. This gorgeous hat is worked up in Chickadee Organic Heathers Audouin and Sabine, and Chickadee Delft. With so much room for color play in this cool geometric motif…seems fairly irresistible. 

Dianna Walla designed Berit for us, which we published in September of 2015. This is a chance to work some embroidery into your knitting! This sweet hat is knitted in Chickadee Delft, Peaks Ferry, and Frost. Another chance to dream up your recipient's perfect color combination.

In our Glen collection, published in September of 2016, we included Melissa LaBarre's Alba, knitted up in Finch and shown here in Egret, Apricot, and Iceland. A very subtly-contrasted hat with literally hundreds of color possibilities.

Melissa also designed Gladys for us, which we published in Wool book 2, her second Quince collaboration with Cecily Glowik MacDonald. This slouchy, pretty lace hat is knitted up in Chickadee Lichen.

from left to right: Withrow by Whitney Hayward, Berit by Dianna Walla, Alba by Melissa LaBarre, Gladys by Melissa LaBarre


We published Isabell Kraemer's Euclid shawl nearly a year ago, knitted up in soft Phoebe Jupiter. There's so much packed into this wrap: A gorgeous cable and eyelet lattice motif combined with a deep, classic 2x2 rib at one end of an asymmetrical triangle.

Waves in Lace, designed by Peg Blechman, was published in January 2016 as part of our Scarves, etc 5 collection. Knitted up in Owl Albertine, we loved this simple and stunning take on the feather and fan motif for an ultra-cozy, almost blanket-sized wrap.

Buffalo River came to us from Ashlyn Holmes, who designed this piece for our second crochet collection, published in late July of 2017. Crocheted in Finch Caspian and Audouin, this piece uses a double strand of yarn, allowing for some really gorgeous marling, and is finished with a pretty fringe.

Hamanasu, designed by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, is quite a unique cowl. Knitted in Osprey and shown here in bright Rosa Rugosa, this piece makes an unusual, but not overly complex, fabric. The best part? Olga provides a video demo of the stitch pattern, for clarity and ease in the making. 

from left to right: Euclid by Isabell Kraemer, Waves in Lace by Peg Blechman, Buffalo River by Ashlyn Holmes, Hamanasu by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Knees and Toes Hands and Feet

Morganeve's Mitts, brief hand warmers worked up in Finch Sedum, were published in early February of 2014 and were designed by yours truly :) A wide triple-cable panel is framed by tiny cable columns.

Sedge, designed by Bristol Ivy and published in our Weekend collection in the fall of 2016, are long, luxurious mitts. Knitted up in Finch and shown here in Kumlien's Gull and Boreal, they feature mirrored evergreen colorwork motifs, extra-long cuffs, and sleek wrist shaping for a snug fit.

We made a little sock collection that we published at the end of April in 2013, which included Harbor Bar, designed by Cookie A. These socks are so cool, featuring one simple color motif that is alternated in such a way that both sides of the fabric, RS and WS, are visible. Shown in Finch Twig, Peacock, and Egret.

Ann Budd's Cross-Rib Socks, published in August 2013 in her Five Easy Pieces collection, feature a comfortable alternating slipped-stitch heel flap and a cool cable and rib motif that flows from the tubular cast on all the way down to the beginning of the toe shaping. Also, this pattern includes instructions on working these up in all of our core wools: Finch, Chickadee, Lark, Osprey, and Puffin. Shown here in Chickadee Chanterelle.

from left to right: Morganeve's Mitts by Jerusha Neely, Sedge by Bristol Ivy, Harbor Bar by Cookie A, Cross-rib Socks by Ann Budd

If you want…you can check out all of our hats, scarves, wraps/shawls, mittens and socks here, here, and here! And, stay tuned for our quick knitting and crochet picks by making sure you're signed up to receive our email updates!

Here's to the beginning of the end of the year. May yours be full of yarn, possibility, and love :)


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