Reflecting on 2020 at Quince

2020 marked the ten-year anniversary of Quince. We cannot thank you enough for all of your interest and support along the way, dear knitters, crocheters, and crafters. We are taking a look back at some of our 2020 releases and reflecting on the fruits of our labor this year. 

In January, we were tying up the loose ends of our planned pattern, collection, and yarn releases and our new Quince Quarterly offerings. We released our Winterwork collection by Trin-Annelie, including seven intricate colorwork designs in our core wool yarns. Later came Maison by Hanna Maciejewska, a stunning pullover with an upper back yoke, designed in Lark Canvas, and the Rhodes shrug by Jerusha Neely, a rectangle shrug with a unique drape in Tern.

As wintery knitting was still in full effect we were hopefully planning for warmer Spring days. The Lyre poncho by Noriko Ho is a February favorite in Phoebe. And while it was still very cold outside–frozen, in fact--we managed to find warmth in a local greenhouse to shoot our 2020 Linen Remix with ten delicately designed patterns in Sparrow and Kestrel!

Speaking of warmth, we love a knitted cotton tee;Azul by Elizabeth Smith in Willet Meridian was a perfect knit to ring in the start of summer, followed by our 2020 Shawls Collection! This collection was the 8th annual celebration of all things drape, and was our first photoshoot in the pandemic. On our blog, I wrote about how things changed for Quince photography this year, starting with the photoshoot for this collection.

July marked our ten-year anniversary and we celebrated by announcing new pullovers Spinnaker and Gennaker, by our founder, Pam Allen, in Whimbrel. We truly enjoyed celebrating with promotions, giveaways and round-ups of our favorites from the last ten years. Thank you for those of you who celebrated with us!

We expanded our pattern sizing and re-released Deschain in Kestrel, Bolan in Sparrow, and  Auger in Willet, and all garment pattern releases going forward have an inclusive size range. As we anticipated a much quieter Fall this year, we launched our collection Autumnal Equinox as a celebration of fall knitting featuring sweaters and accessories in Owl, Lark, Phoebe, Osprey and Crane.

While our team was busy with a full year of pattern releases and the release of our new lace weight wool/alpaca blend, Owlet, we were also excitedly working in the background for the launch of Pam Allen’s new book, This & That: 10 Knits to Keep You Warm and Cozy. Her new book is a continuation of Plain & Simple: 11 Knits to Wear Every Day and builds on the simple, wearable silhouettes, cables, and colorwork techniques introduced in that book. 

We wrapped up the year with our colorwork collection, Waterline: a collection inspired by early Winter walks along the coast. The garments and accessories in this collection are knit in Owl, Phoebe, Lark, Chickadee, and Finch.

Our goal to bring you more unique and beautiful patterns couldn’t end there! We managed to squeeze in the intricate colorwork Fox Grapes Cowl by Ruth Nguyen, the Sontag-inspired shawl  Raindrop by Jerusha Neely and the richly textured, two-toned Faileas Cowl by Sierra Morningstar. 

Thank you for following along with us this year! Special thanks to our warehouse team for all of their hard work in processing and fulfillment, and for keeping Quince moving this year.

We also want to give thanks to the talented designers that brought you all of these wonderful patterns and more this year! Thank you to Jerusha Neely, Ruth Nguyen, Irina Anikeeva, Valentina Consalvi, Erin Jenson, Stella Ackroyd, Sarah Pope, Lana Jois, Sierra Morningstar, Noriko Ho, Ainur Berkimbayeva, Jocelyn Regina, Trin-Annelie, Renate Kamm, Hanna Maciejewska, Melanie Rice, Leila Raven, Norah Gaughan, Paulina Popiolek, Kelly Forster, Marnie MacLean, Paula Pereira, Bristol Ivy, Elizabeth Smith, and Kate Running.

Hello to 2021 (and goodbye 2020)! May this next year bring you joy, health, happiness - and plenty of yarn!

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