Socks for all seasons

Socks for all seasons

There is a simple delight that comes with knitting socks. Gifting a knitted pair to someone special is even sweeter. Of all accessory patterns, socks and slippers can be the most fun – from a quick knit to an intricate pattern, we have a few favorites to round up just in time for winter knitting. 

What is the best yarn for knitting socks or slippers? Of course, you’d want a hard-wearing yarn that’s both seasonally sensible and comfortable. Everyday socks call for Tern, Finch, or Phoebe, and cozy winter socks are perfect in Chickadee, Osprey, or Lark. For hearty, warm slippers: the coziest, chunky single-ply Puffin

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I was going to buy the Alexandra sock, but the calf size is way too small. I measure a 19". Please consider changing the pattern to fit larger women! Thank you so much. I love your patterns and your yarn. Trudy

Trudy Elliott May 19, 2021

I love the color of the Seven Layer Cake socks in Finch. Just gorgeous.

Katherine Snider January 28, 2021

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