the piper 2016 collection

Our first release from the Quince design team is here: Introducing Piper 2016! This collection features four beautifully lightweight sweater designs by Pam Allen, Isabell Kraemer, Bristol Ivy, and Cecily Glowik MacDonald. 

The Collection

Named for the months of the season, each design showcases the qualities that we love about our all-Texan, superfine merino/superkid mohair laceweight Piper.

Clockwise from top left: March, by Pam Allen; April, by Isabell Kraemer; May, by Bristol Ivy; June, by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

We love the simple details and classic, easy style each of the designers worked up for this collection. And we especially love how perfect these sweaters are for transitioning between the seasons: fuzzy-soft and warm, but not the least bit heavy.

Visit the Piper 2016 collection page and view the lookbook here.


We'll be taking a closer look at each sweater over the next few days. Today, we talk a little bit about March, designed by Pam Allen.

Worked in 4 shades of Piper—one main color for the body, and three pretty flashes of color at hem and sleeve cuffs—March is a light and airy raglan pullover knitted flat in pieces from the bottom up, then worked in the round from the yoke onward. The hem and cuffs are trimmed in shale lace, with 3 accent colors worked into the detail.

The beauty of a piece like this is that you can really make it your own, with colors that suit you best. It's a great way to play with Piper's gorgeous palette. Pare it down to a 2- or 3-color combo instead. Or, stick with just a single-color version if you like, and let the subtlety of the wavy shale pattern shine on its own.

Here are just a few options we came up with for pretty 4-color alternatives:

From front to back: Pretty blue Sweetwater with Odessa, Longhorn, and Coldspring

Soft, spring green San Angelo, with Longhorn, Amarillo, and Lone Oak

Delicate pink Odessa, with Caracara, Austin, and Laredo

Pale pink Avocet looks so pretty with Pampa, San Angelo, and Lone Oak

Or Avocet with darker trim: Laredo, Lone Oak, and Coldspring

Sweetwater is also fun with bolder pops of color like Austin, Amarillo, and Laredo


We hope these serve as a jumping point for you to dream up your own favorite color combos! You might be surprised at the possibilities.

More about these Piper 2016 designs on the blog to come soon...stay tuned.

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