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This directory lists links to our posts covering knitting techniques, illustrated and explained in detail for all skill levels. More to be added in the future.

About Techniques: Our goal for this series is to provide illustrated, step-by-step information on knitting techniques, from beginner tips like making a slip knot and casting on, to more intermediate techniques and various knitting methods, covered in depth.

Links to these posts in our Techniques series will be included in Quince patterns under the Helpful Tips section whenever they apply.


Make a slipknot

Long-tail cast on

Knitted and cable cast ons

Backward loop increase

Yarnover short rows

Bind off and three-needle bind off

Sloped bind off

Picking up stitches


Crochet seaming

Mattress stitch

Cables with and without a cable needle


List of Abbreviations & Helpful Links


Making a cord

Working with Kestrel linen

Knit a sphere

Speed swatching for colorwork


Hi Susan! Yes, we actually just shared a video showing how to the use the pom pom maker on our Instagram – we’ll be adding it to our blog soon, but in the meantime, you can view it here:

Quince & Co. May 18, 2021

Is there a video on how to make the pom poms on the new pom pom maker that I purchased? Or a set of directions? Nothing came in the package. Thank you so much!

Susan May 18, 2021

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